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AUDI A4, Or A4 Quattro 2005 - 2009 With 2.0 L. Engine, K03 Turbocharger Replacement Cartridge/CHRA - 2019: CURRENTLY IN STOCK AND INCLUDES FREE SHIPPING WITHIN THE USA! -

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Part Number:AUDIA4Quattro2005-2009TurbochargerCHRA
AUDI A4, or A4 Quattro(With 2.0 Liter Engine) 2005-2009 KKK, K03 turbocharger replacement cartridge/ CHRA(Central Housing Rotating Assembly) will be compatible with all AUDI A4 with KKK K03-105 or K03-106 turbochargers and is the most cost effective alternative when repairing the AUDI K03 assembly! All TURBOCHARGER DYNAMICS new turbocharger CHRA allow for a simplistic installation, include complete instructions, and expedited with a full year, unlimited mileage, warranty!

Confirming AUDI turbocharger part numbers would be:

5303-988-0106, 5303-970-0106, 5303-988-0106, 5303-988-0105, 5303-970-0105, 5303-988-0105.

The AUDI A4 internal cartridge is a low cost alternative to a complete turbocharger replacement and includes a VSR balanced KKK compressor wheel/turbine assembly, bearing housing, as well as our new  upgraded 360 degree turbine oil seal(For Superior Longevity And Oil Retention), bearings, O-rings, thrust assembly and internals.

We have over 20 years of turbocharger replacement experience and now offer free shipping within the USA!